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To anyone that cares or anyone that already has a tumblr, here's mine.

I'll mostly be using it to post snippets of poetry I've written (if you can even call it poetry *insert snare and drums here*) and to follow things I find nifty, so don't get too excited.



I hope everyone has had a more exciting week than I and as always, I loveloveLOVE ya'll.
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Caught up, mind was blown, am now wary of all dairy products.

I put it off for a while because of school and what not, but I had a marathon yesterday and I loveloveloveloveLOOOOOOOOOOOVE this show.  I also plan to rewatch/catch up on Being Human.
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Today, my friends, i durped and I durped most epically. I was half an hour late to my lit. and film final, my first of the week, but the prof didn't mind because my work has been immaculate.


I saw a dragonfly sitting inside staring out a window on the way to my final. I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be a moment for me or something because how often does that  happen?

Regardless, I know I kicked that final's ass because I wrote about Donnie Darko and the use of the scenery/setting to mindfuck the audience.

To all my lovelies, I love you and good luck to all of you that are taking exams and to my girls, all of them and you know who you fierce, intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, cray cray betches are, stay you and be loved for it.
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...My mother decided that she wanted to have a serious discussion with my sisters and I in dark as fuck 'o clock in the morning.

The sun is now out and I remain without sleep.

Why is this my life?
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I want to take one of my classes out behind the shed with a loaded shotgun.
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School is going great besides the fact that I need to relearn how to sleep like a normal person and fic wise, I haven't forgotten about Mi Corazón de Cenicero.

XD I also have the phrase "ride it like you stole it" stuck in my head and that somehow translates into the need to write like, a stripper 'verse or something?

Oh, brain, why you so randy?

Edit: Before any of you lovely people asks, [ profile] blualbino and I do this regularly and spontaneously so either go about your business or pull up a chair.
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...I apparently ship Castiel/Meg now and it's completely [ profile] blualbino's fault.

That is all and expect fic soon.
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I know that all of you are smart, well rounded people not lacking in the slightest bit of common sense, so please please please PLEASE never crosspost anything of mine/anything that leads directly back to me specifically on facebook or twitter.

Thank you and hopefully LJ stops this nonsense soon.
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My laptop is acting wonky and I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with it before sending it to be fixed. I'll try to stay caught up with everything but don't expect any new posts for the time being.

It just needs to get fixed before school starts back up or I fear I'll start gnawing on people in rage.


Aug. 16th, 2010 06:11 pm
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I finally saw Inception and only have one question: What does a girl have to do to get an Eames? I also loved the concept, the cast, the effects, and just every second of it.

In other news, some day this week I will be taking a test that will determine if I can take the bulk of my prerequisites. I'm not freaking out, I've been studying for a long time, but math is certainly not my subject.

It feels like an inevitable stroll to the hangman's noose but I'm not afraid. I just want to get past this and can continue on so maybe I should find my inner Houdini because dead men aren't that productive.

I obviously haven't been writing a lot lately but I have been scribbling.

I haven't forgotten about Unus Sanguis and it seems that I want to dip my toes back into War/Dean and Death!Sam/Lucifer.

The inspiration is there but impassioned words are lacking.

XD This post is all over the place, isn't it?

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AN: I said I was never going to post this, but [ profile] blualbino[ profile] chica_charlie, and [ profile] phiso_kun have convinced me to do so.

Title: Because it was Snowing
Pairing: Edward/Carlisle
Genre: pre-slash/slash, UST, AU (like WHOA)
Fandom: Twilight (I don't know either, okay?)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Edward knows what Carlisle wants.

"If I profane with my unworthiest hand this holy shrine, the gentle sin is this, my lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss." )
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I'm not dead, not even internet dead and the kink meme is a thing of disturbing beauty.

Fandom, you are fucked up in ways I wouldn't believe if I haven't seen some of those prompts with my own two eyes, but I fucking love every single one of you kinky freaks.

I've been kept busy by school and will be enrolled in second summer (which starts on Monday and yes, feel free to smack me), but with much easier classes.

Fic wise, I'm still hammering away at my rpf fic (which is inside my head and refuses to be written) and as always, there's random things rolling around up there.

On a more serious note, to all the ladies on my flist, please read this so you can be made aware of this user:
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Today has been a little crazy.

The last time I saw my debit card was on Thursday so I canceled it and requested for a new one, I lost my wallet today but it's somewhere in the house, and this piece of pretty that I ordered came in today, but I can't quite get it to open.

On top of all of this, the week coming up is the final week of this summer session and I have a presentation and a lecture and lab final.

My rpf_bigbang fic is finally going somewhere and I think that my allergies are about to start flaring up.

I have no idea where I am in my class, but I'm just really hoping that I can pull off a B. In other news, I changed my major because Nursing would be a career, not a passion. Microbiology just interests me more and it's something that just gets me very excited so I'm really looking forward to figuring out exactly what I want to do in that field.
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Hi. The next time I say I'm going to take a summer session, slap me. Hard. In the face. With a boot.

In the span of four weeks, we've fallen from a full class to 9 or so people (if anyone else decides to drop) and most, if not all of us, are just praying to finish with a B.
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AN: Why is this happening when I watched The Losers a month ago? I don't know. Was this a lot of fun to write? You betcha. Will I write more? Likely. Are you annoyed by these questions? I hope so. This fic is based off of the movie, not the comic.

Title: Clay's Unit
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Clay/female!Roque
Summary: Roque doesn't like Aisha. A lot.

Girls are scary )
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Five hour classes should only be something that you joke about. As soon as I came home, I forgot at least half of the things I just learned. I know that I almost fell asleep about eight times and that's on me, but hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly crap.

Two 5-10 minute breaks are just mocking the fact that you're stuck in a class for five hours.


If nothing else, there's no class on Friday.


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I don't know how I managed to forget this, but I'm getting ready to go to a wedding that ends at 10.

Catch me up if I miss anything and Bells, I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiised you!
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[ profile] rpf_big_bang 

...Finals are about to end and the mini semester is about to start, yet I signed up and already have 1059 words.

The moral of the story is never say never or you'll end up writing it for big bang.


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