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You know what would be awesome? And yes, I'm about to answer my own question.

A True Blood/The Vampire Chronicles crossover fic and (not or because I would like to see both) a From Dusk Till Dawn/True Blood crossover fic.

While I don't watch True Blood, I do find some of its characters appealing. It's actually the thought of Lestat lounging around in Fangtasia with a resigned Louis and Claudia in tow that I find immensely amusing. Can't you just see Claudia taking Jessica under her wing and Lestat being completely infatuated with Eric while Pam and Louis watch from the sidelines in restrained annoyance and disapproval?

As for From Dusk Till Dawn, Eric has to hunt down a renegade vampire that has fled to Mexico to escape the Queen's wrath, but before he can do that, he has to have an audience with its king, Richard "Richie the Second" Gecko. He rules his court with shifting moods and memorable cruelty with his mortal brother at his side and a girl only known as Kate.

Someone, anyone, write this.

Preferably now.


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Dec. 26th, 2009 04:12 am
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I apparently just had an epiphany. Unus Sanguis will have 20 chapters. They're all already titled and each has a brief summary. I'm also working on The Whip Hand: My Fair Lady because it's something simple and fun. It feels go to be writing/scribbling down stuff again and I shall now go to sleep.
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1. My dad isn't afraid to walk around with a wallet that has frogs with flowers on their heads, yellow butterflies, and pink flowers.

2. My dad would rather walk to the front of the house to open the back door for me rather than have hooligans oggle me.

3. The last chapter of Ceteris Paribus is practically done.

4. I was able to help a lot of people out today and calm down lots of agitated folk.

5. My inbox was full  of lovelovelove when I got back home.

6. The house is quiet.

7. I has dark chocolate.

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AN: More angels, lost children, a sci fi showdown, and pie.

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AN: Children are always the first to suffer because of the sins of their parents.

I beg all of you to listen to this song: It's "My Secret Friend" by IAMX featuring Imogen Heap and it really helped me write this chapter. I suffered through a major writer block and got so frustrated that I was about to start writing something else. This song came on and this came together like magic.

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AN: All things must be laid to rest. My AC adapter for my laptop finally came in so I'm ready to wrap this up. CP is my baby but I have other projects I  look forward to working on. Updates may be slow, but second summer is finished the 12th so this won't be for long.

In other news, someone finally makes a move!

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AN: This chapter is turning into a monster (no pun intended) and there's just so much that can be done, but I promise that the next part will be the last part. I also have a surprise in the next part that I'm sure everyone will enjoy. This chapter is probably longer than previous chapters combined and I give majors props to any writer that is able to write like this all the time.

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May. 4th, 2009 10:29 am
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I'm going to disappear for a while but still check in every now and then. The next chapter of CP will be written and posted next weekend.

Wish me luck!

On another note, I had the strangest idea.

Fight Club is one of my favorite books and movies so I wasn't completely surprised when I thought of this.

Strip Club.

...Don't look at me like that, blame the bunnies. They've been well behaved for a long time and this is why.

I want to laugh and walk away but it refuses to let me go.

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AN: We're almost there! *flail* Welcome to the last part of chapter five. I can taste the plot and it tastes like brownies with a pinch of crack, a dash of epic, and a whole lot of love.
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AN: Here lies the second part of chapter five and soon it will lead to the true  beginning of this universe I've created. *is very, very, VERY excited* Time has been sped up so Dean has one or two months left. He told Sam that he doesn't want to go to Hell so Sam (the little sneaky snake) is working with Ruby to find a way to get Dean out of his deal. We know that there's no way to do so, but Uriel shares this little fact with the rest of the class.

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While working on Ceteris Paribus, I got bit by another bunny. I quickly noticed that it's ridiculously fun writing Castiel and Uriel with female vessels, but what if I went beyond that? The bunny demands that I write something with Castiel as a fallen angel (she sided with Lucifer in the rebellion), but she still works with Uriel and the Winchesters to try to stop the 66 seals from being opened because it's not supposed to happen... yet.

I think I actually have a plot coming together, but I would just like to see how ya'll feel about the idea. I was also thinking about tossing out a couple of one-shots set in the CP 'verse. The thought of Uriel teaching Castiel random, little things like how to use a fork, why bubble baths are awesome, or how to order food from a drive-thru makes me giggle.

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