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1. My dad isn't afraid to walk around with a wallet that has frogs with flowers on their heads, yellow butterflies, and pink flowers.

2. My dad would rather walk to the front of the house to open the back door for me rather than have hooligans oggle me.

3. The last chapter of Ceteris Paribus is practically done.

4. I was able to help a lot of people out today and calm down lots of agitated folk.

5. My inbox was full  of lovelovelove when I got back home.

6. The house is quiet.

7. I has dark chocolate.

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AN: More angels, lost children, a sci fi showdown, and pie.

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AN: Children are always the first to suffer because of the sins of their parents.

I beg all of you to listen to this song: It's "My Secret Friend" by IAMX featuring Imogen Heap and it really helped me write this chapter. I suffered through a major writer block and got so frustrated that I was about to start writing something else. This song came on and this came together like magic.

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AN: We're almost there! *flail* Welcome to the last part of chapter five. I can taste the plot and it tastes like brownies with a pinch of crack, a dash of epic, and a whole lot of love.
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