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Title: Lost in the World
Pairing: War/Tamara
Fandom: Supernatural
Genre: AU
Rating: PG-13
AN: Title is taken from Kayne West's "Lost in the World"
Summary: This isn't going to end well. Mostly for her.


There's sweat and come and blood cooling on her skin.

He always marks her up like he's trying to show everyone with eyes to stay away from her.

“Have my baby.”

It works.

The demons mock her, but it doesn't come to blows.

She has to throw the first punch.

Hunters either treat her with pity or disgust.

She doesn't care.

The imprint of his teeth circle her neck like a noose.

“There are no more great soldiers left in this world,” he sighs into her ear. “I give them the chance of glory, honor. They thank me with the blood of their sons and daughters.”

He's always hot.

Too hot.

It doesn't burn anymore, though.

And he smells like blood and iron and gunfire.

“C'mon, Tam... You could be the mother of a god.”

She was already a mother once.

A wife.

She has no need for gods.

His hand settles and his fingers splay over the soft skin of her belly.

“You could give birth to a world war.”

Tamara has no use for wars or gods or men or angels.

What she tracks is sin.

Gluttony, to be specific.

The Winchesters might be exceptional hunters and Bobby Singer is one hell of an occult library, but there's a difference between a demon and a sin.

War was the one that told her this.

Along the way of this merry chase, she somehow fell into the favor of a Horseman of the Apocalypse.

How they ended up in bed is simple, really.

Sometimes, men and women just want to fuck and can't be bothered to have standards.

War presses a kiss to her shoulder then starts to dress.

“Think about it.”

She doesn't.

She just sleeps.

Her dreams are dark and deep and silent, but the walls bleed and she's followed by a monster.

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