Storm Moon

Mar. 14th, 2011 07:41 pm
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Title: Storm Moon
Pairing: Sam/Madison/Gabriel
Fandom: Supernatura
Genre: AU as hale
Rating: PG-13
AN: originally just a gift for my bb, [ profile] lilchibibunny, but  fandom could use one more obscure pairing so what the hell and enjoy!
Summary: "When you came in, the air went out..."


Sam's girlfriend is a werewolf.

And they're kind of being propositioned by a pagan god.

Well, an archangel that moonlights as a pagan god, but Sam's life stopped making sense years ago.

“...Oh my god. I'm Sookie Stackhouse.”

Gabriel snorts an impressive amount of chocolate milkshake out of his nose. Madison looks like she doesn't know whether to laugh or sink further down into the booth and hide because the whole diner is kind of staring at them.

Her eyes start darting everywhere and Sam kicks the angel in the shin in hopes of shutting him up.

...He just kicked an archangel in the shin.

...He just kicked an archangel.

Oh god.

Gabriel starts laughing even harder and Sam throws a wad of cash on the table then grabs Madison's hand and runs.

They stay at her house because it's closer and half of his things are already scattered around her bedroom.

It's almost midnight and they're both awake.

“...You still smell like chocolate.”

Sam makes a pained noise and Madison laughs then presses her nose against his neck.

Her arms wrap around him and Sam is pulled back into her warmth.

The full moon isn't for another week or so.

Despite that, Madison is playful and Sam laughs when she nips at his ear.

They roll around nipping harmlessly at each other and nuzzling until Sam ends up with his hands pinned above his head and her teeth in his neck.

He lets out a soft noise then tips his head back as much as he can.

Madison lets out a low, pleased noise and her jaws tighten for just a second.

Sam wonders what he smells like to her in this moment.

Hot and hard and trembling just enough for his eyelashes to flutter.


He doesn't know if it's her or the wolf that's looking at him through those big, pretty, brown eyes, but he knows this body.

He strains against her for a kiss and she laughs then drags her nails down his arms.

It hurts enough for him to know that she's in control.

“Are you my puppy or a bunny tonight?”

It's the game they play.

Sam flips them over and presses kisses that are more teeth than lips and tongue to her mouth and her nails rake down his back in thin, red lines.

He imagines claws.

Madison growls at him and he returns to his task.

Seeing Gabriel gets her like this.



It's safer for her to be marked than him.

Everything usually fades by morning.

Madison is smiling and perfect and golden in the sunlight and Sam can't help but watch her.

She's just as beautiful in moonlight, though.

“Morning, kiddos!”

Sam laughs obnoxiously at the genuine look of shock on Gabriel's face as Madison's bares her then tackles him to the floor.

He wipes at his eyes as he chuckles then takes his time walking over and plucks her off of Gabriel.

She's still snarling and it takes cradling her in his lap and butterfly kisses and whispers to calm her.

Gabriel fixes the tears in his shirt with a snap of his fingers then peers at her from beyond Sam's shoulder.

Sam suddenly feels a little suffocated between them.

Caught between heaven and earth in a single breath.

Madison shows Gabriel teeth that are a lot sharper than they should be.

The hair on the back of Sam's neck stands at attention when the archangel is close enough for Sam to taste something sweet and thick and heavy in the air.

There are noises now.

Wild noses.

Old noises.

Madison opens her mouth to speak but is silenced by a quick, slim finger to her lips.

Sam's getting dizzy and leans back against what feels like a living electric current.

She's looking at Gabriel and her eyes are wide and black and feral.

Caught between heaven and earth.

The angel raises an eyebrow at her.


She answers him with teeth and soft, yielding flesh and one of them is bleeding, but they all stumble back into the bed.

Clothes are unnecessary and treated as such as they simply disappear.

There's a storm rising outside yet all Sam can hear is his heart in his head because he thinks they're going to break him.

Gabriel laughs and it's as wild and free as the need on Madison's face.

The angel raises an eyebrow at him.

A year of clumsy, archaic courtship and quick, sharp smiles laced with promises of devotion and pleasure.


The air is sweet.

Madison's shoulders are low and loose and she smiles then licks her teeth.

As if this was going to begin any other way.


Sam answers Gabriel in kind and Madison laughs with the thunder.


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