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It has been brought to my attention by [ profile] chica_charlie  that this is going on again.

My five acts -

Amazons and strong women (warrior women; women as soldiers, law enforcement figures, or leaders; goddesses; tough, butch, or muscled women; lesbians or dykes; quasi-masculine characteristics in general, such as a boyish body type: slim, athletic, and small-breasted; forcefulness or brusqueness)

Anti-heroes (sympathetic villains; villains with principles; noble demons; enemies who keep their word)

Adrenaline and crises (pre-, mid-, or post-crisis sex; speed-freaks or adrenaline junkies; near-death experiences; the shadow of impending death--hours, minutes, or moments; see also Situational engineering)

Tattoos (decorative, symbolic, or slave; barcodes)

Attention (singling someone out; treating someone specially in front of others; making a point of showing respect to or interest in someone who doesn't usually receive it; observing, studying, or analyzing someone to understand them)

My fandoms-

Supernatural: Castiel/Dean, Lucifer/Sam, Michael/Lucifer, Gabriel/Sam, War/Dean, female!Uriel/Sam, female!War/Gabriel

True Blood: Eric/Bill, Bill/Sam

The Losers: female!Roque/Clay, Cougar/female!Roque

Stargate Atlantis: Ronon/Rodney

Gifts received -- [ profile] setos_puppy:Gray Area - Sam/Lucifer/Gabriel - NC-17 - Attention and Tattoos, [ profile] nightswhisper :Desperate Times - True Blood - Eric/Bill - PG 13ish- Anti-Heroes, Adrenaline/Crisis, [ profile] chica_charlie :Enchanted - girl!Arthur/girl!Eames, sort of 'strong women' and sort of 'attention'

Gifts given -- [ profile] nightswhisper:Sokka/Toph (protectiveness); "Eat your heart out, Lois Lane!", G, [ profile] chica_charlie:Gabriel/Crowley  (banter); Pulling Pigtails and Other Signs of Demonic Courtship, pg[ profile] izzyfics: McCoy/Uhura (bare backing, well sexed); Whiskey Tuesday, pg-13/R 
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